the Lord God

I have loved the #shereadstruth bible studies and community for some time now. (If you’ve never seen them, go check them out here.)
We are currently working through a study called ‘A Fresh Start’.

One of the things that really stood out to me today was in Genesis 2:4. Up until that point, the bible only calls God “God” or “Elohim“, meaning the God of power. But in that verse, we see a new name, “Lord God” for the first time. Lord, or Jehovah, means the God of perfection. So when we call Him “Lord God”, we are calling Him the God of both power and perfection.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?! I spent some time thinking about that truth. Think of something incredibly powerful. My mind jumped to a ruler, like Hitler- someone powerful but corrupt and far from perfection. Now think of something incredibly perfect. I imagined a snowflake, the kind you rarely see that looks exactly like a snowflake should! (Like this!) definitely perfect, but fragile and delicate.

I can hardly wrap my mind around the Lord God who is both incredibly perfect and incredibly powerful! How awesome is He!?