The “E Word”.

I get asked often, “How can you be a Christian and teach biology? Don’t you need to teach evolution?”

Oh no… the “e word”.
Evolution. My freshmen would loosely define it for you as “change over time”.
Quite possibly one of the greatest sources of controversy amongst the Christian faith.

I’m not going to share my personal standing on it.
Mostly because I think we should be at peace among each other as best we are able.
However, I can offer some food for thought that I picked up along my journey.

Can a history teacher teach about communism, provide examples of communism, and even look at the pros and cons of communism all without himself being a communist?
Can his students learn all of those things without themselves becoming communists?
Obviously they can.

Why is it a biology teacher is considered a heathen for teaching evolutionary theory?
Proud to be a Christian biologist.