A letter to my 16 year old self.

Dear 16 year old self, 

Don’t try so hard. Those people you are trying to emulate will still be those same people in 10 years, and suddenly the tables will turn. You will look back at old pictures and think, “I was beautiful. How could I have wasted so much time thinking I was unattractive?” Those boys are not where you get your value, Jesus is. Even if all the other girls have found “the one”, don’t lose sight of Jesus. Pretty soon all those girls will be a party of one because they settled for a boy… who didn’t love Jesus. Love your parents now. One day you will hardly speak to the friends you spent every waking moment with but you will wish you could spend more quality time with your family. Learn to work hard for what you want and become driven. All the cool kids may be going to a two year school and partying every night, but in 10 years they still won’t have a Bachelors and you will be two degrees, and three years into a career. Get involved in everything you want to, as long as you can keep a balance. Nothing is better than looking back and remembering all the fun things you did and tried at, even if you were never even a little good at it! And lastly, but most importantly, know that God is who He says He is. He is faithful. You can trust Him. There will be days, weeks, months, and even years that you will not be able to handle alone. Find God, know God, and trust God.


Your soon-to-be 26 year old self

What say you?

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