All Things New.

My husband and I have been busy working summer camps with high school summer missionaries for over a month. This means we are spending the majority of our time out at camp, and not home.
We had some fresh garlic in the fridge when summer started, but after about a week away, I noticed it began to sprout. I’d always learned that meant it was time to go buy more, but since we weren’t going to be home (and because I really didn’t want it to stink up the trash), I left it.
To my surprise, when we came home the next weekend it was obvious that these things were growing. It looked promising enough, so my brown thumbs called over my green-thumbed husband to plant it. A week later, these things have taken off! (Deryk swears he can see it growing!) Hopefully, in a few weeks we will have our own fresh garlic to use and bless others with.

Now, this post really isn’t about garlic. You see, as I watched the little life of my garlic unfold, I saw myself.
I saw someone who was no longer good for use, who was fit for the trashcan. I saw someone who tried so hard but was still coming up short. Someone who couldn’t do it. Someone unworthy.
Enter grace. Grace takes the unworthy and gives it a new life. Grace doesn’t just make the unworthy worthy by erasing the slate, it gives a new slate! Grace gives a new life, a new hope, and a new purpose! (1 Peter 1:3)
Just like that garlic, when grace comes into my life, awesome new things can come forth!
Do you know where that grace comes from? Do you know the only source of a new life and purpose? Jesus Christ, by His victory over sin through death on a cross has the authority to take the unworthy and give them grace.
He is offering you grace. But it’s your choice. Do you want to put yourself in the trashcan or will you let Him replant you and do something great?

What say you?

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