Welcome to this New Year.

Happy New Year friends! Please take a moment to read and share this- it truly blessed me!

Let Jesus carry each day for you. Don’t worry about the weeks ahead. Avoid letting the activities and expenses of the coming month consume you. He supplied all you needed last year, and the year before, and the year before that. Jesus is always watching out for you and those you hold in your heart. He holds you in His heart. He loves to meet your needs.

Christ makes all things new: the season, the year, the month, the day, the heart. He does all this for you so you will know the promise of new life and inhale the Father’s breath of fresh life each dawn.

There are many blessings for you to experience now. If you walk too far down the road you may miss the chance to step off your well-worn path and stroll with Jesus in the garden. Take in the fragrance of His peace. Feel the light of His love on your face.

Walk with Him through the months ahead. Enjoy each sunny morning and grey day as a gift from God. Walk slowly. Walk by His side.

{inspired by Matthew 6:25-34}

It is not my own, but I read it in the January 2014 HomeLife magazine. Emphasis added is my own.


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